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Another thing about Autoglass

Things worth knowing about the famous car window glass replacers Autoglass

In a way this is a customer testimonial about Autoglass and is an observation from seeing Autoglass in action! The work of the Autoglass fitter was exemplary, but the call centre organisation left a lot to be desired. I think you might be better to Order from Autoglass Online, but I digress.

The Autoglass fitter arrived in a van with all the equipment onboard and set about work on the glass repair with considerable industriousness.

Now here's something that not everyone knows about Autoglass. Although they have vast warehouses full of glass, and windows of numerous different types for just about every vehicle on the roads, sometimes it's not possible to get a glass straight away for your particular make and model, especially if it's something rare. So, what Autoglass do, in such situations, is to come along and fit a temporary windowglass in! This is made of industrial plastic and the fitter cuts it to measure right before your very eyes! Now although this isn't a perfect permanent replacement for the glass, it means you are back on the road right away!

An Autoglass temporary plastic piece is about 1mm thick strong flexible perspex-like stuff which is cut to size and then taped securely into position. You can go driving around and you won't have the wind whistling around your ears. However, when Autoglass return to put an actual glass in, you should request to snaffle the temporary piece, as you can then keep it as a spare. What? A spare glass? Well, you've got a spare wheel, haven't you?

Remember to bag your spare temporary glass quickly before it gets recycled!

At the time of writing, 2011/01, Autoglass were the only car glass replacement company to offer this service. Well done to Autoglass!